The Path Less Traveled: A Comparison of 'Tired Light' and the 'Expanding Universe': How the Universe Looks without the Big Bang

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Since man first began looking at the stars, he’s wondered about their origins and his own. Modern astronomers have explained the beginnings of the universe with the Big Bang Theory, in which all matter erupted from a single explosion billions of years ago. As the universe’s mysteries have deepened, astronomers have introduced an increasing number of concepts which defy understanding, such as an expanding and accelerating universe, galaxies at incredible distances, massive and unexplainable black holes, quasars and bazars with unbelievable distances and energy, dark matter and dark energy which supposedly comprise 96% of the universe but can’t be found, pulsars which defy logic, and many other phenomenon which stretch our imagination.


About Jerrold Thacker

Jerrold Thacker has been passionate about astronomy for more than 65 years. He presents his independent research findings at, many of which differ from conventional thinking by professional astronomers. Thacker, who has master’s degree studies in mathematics and statistics at the University of Minnesota, has written two books on the subject, The Deceptive Universe and Reinventing the Universe, as well as a book about sailing, Bumbling through Paradise.



In the early 20th century, scientists and astronomers faced a dilemma similar to that faced by Robert Frost—two options for the direction of the future of astronomy, and thus two possible explanations for what we observe in the universe. I believe those scientists chose the wrong path! This book takes us down the path less traveled. The new view of the universe will astound you!


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